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Possum Ball Invitation

The most delightful benefit you will attend, for you don't have to come, it's money you send. No cookies to bake. No silver to lend. No rummage to dig up, bundle or send. You don't have to worry about what to wear. No driving or parking to give you a care. If you have beverages that sit on the shelf, don't bother to dress, just sip them yourself. Without usual hurry, have dinner for all. You and your family have answered the call.

You are cordially invited to the Most Forgettable Event of the Year, a Possum Ball.

Please mail your thoughtful RSVP donation to:

Arkansas Animal Alliance
PO Box 242887
Little Rock, AR 72223

PayPal RSVP donations are also accepted at:

Arkansas.Animal.Alliance@gmail.com (365 days a year)
Click here to donate via PayPal.

I appreciate NOT having to attend the Possum Ball and herewith enclose $ __________________ check made payable to Arkansas Animal Alliance.

Suggested categories for donations:

Up to $15 = Permits you to stay home, play possum and miss the Ball.

$15-$30 = Permits you to play possum, skip the Ball and the buffet preceding it.

$30-$45 = You may skip the Ball, buffet and after the Ball reception with guest of honor - Mr. Ricky Raccoon.

$45-$60 = You may hibernate the whole evening.

$60 or more = You don't have to host next year's annual Possum Ball.



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