Arkansas Animal Alliance

QUESTION: My pet has medical problems, and I can't afford to treat it. Will you rescue my pet and pay for its care? 
ANSWER: There are medical grants available, so you should take the time and be responsible enough to apply for those grants before trying to shift the problem you created to someone else. RedRover is a resource for medical grants available to pet owners. Click here. If you simply can't afford euthanasia, go to your local shelter and have them euthanize your pet for you while you love them while they die. Once you have applied and been denied grants and can provide the denials, I can maybe find a resource. If they do need to be euthanized, do one last loving thing for them and beg for money from your friends and family and have them humanely euthanized. Don't expect a rescue to do your dirty work. 

QUESTION: My dog is people aggressive, and I can't keep it. Will you take it? 
ANSWER: You are an idiot, right? Why would you consider transferring that risk to anyone else period? NO!!!

QUESTION: There is a stray running around outside my house, and it looks starved. Will you come get it? 
ANSWER: Do you live in city limits and have a city or local shelter? If so, contact your local shelter because they are paid to do this job and taxes are collected for this purpose. By chance, are willing to foster and/or donate towards the care of this stray?

QUESTION: I know someone neglecting their pet. I called local law enforcement, but they didn't do anything. Will you help?
ANSWER: First, do you know what labels a pet as being neglected or abused according to local and state laws? You need to know the law. Then, actually go to your local law enforcement and press charges of neglect/abuse. Find out when the officer will go to the property, so you know when you can contact them for an update. Do not leave the station without a copy of the police report. Once a decision is made regarding the charges but the pet was not removed from the owner, then offer to buy the pet from the owner. When doing so, you better be ready and committed to the care of the pet. 

QUESTION: How can I donate to Arkansas Animal Alliance?

ANSWER: Perfect question! Thanks, for asking!! 

Arkansas Animal Alliance
PO Box 242887
Little Rock, AR 72223

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QUESTION: Where are the local low cost spay and neuter clinics?

Team Furr (Cats Only)

Humane Society of Saline County

Arkansans for Animals

Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic