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​Zombie came into Good Shepherd Animal Clinic from Conway Animal Welfare Unit for a complete avulsion of his lower lip. The clinic took responsibility of this kiddo knowing he had a long journey ahead with likely multiple surgeries to repair his injury. He was probably 6-8 weeks old. He was loaded with fleas and had hooks and round worms. After FOUR surgeries his lip is healed and doing well. He would greedily eat and then vomit. A slow feeder helped but as he grew the vomit persisted. After taking radiographs it was discovered he has a congenital defect called a Persistent Right Aortic Arch. This is when a blood vessel at the base of his heart should close but doesn’t. As he grows this vessel and ligaments strangle the esophagus causing a blockage. This can cause damage to the esophagus called mega esophagus. This can be corrected by a veterinary surgeon and he has a 80 % chance of a good outcome meaning symptoms will improve or resolve. Unfortunately, this is a specialty surgery since it involves the heart and estimated cost from AVES is $4000. He has overcame so much already. He deserves a good life. Not repaired I’m worried as he grows it will get worse and he won’t be able to maintain a descent weight or biggest risk is he aspirates. It’s urgent it’s repaired as soon as possible 

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